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Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship Sharing Program

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To drive the development of entrepreneurship in long term in Singapore and China, Entrepreneurship and Career Development of SGCSSA has launched a project named “Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship Sharing Program” in Nov 2011.

The joined entrepreneurial teams can benefit from this project including:
1) Promoting and Marketing support in Singapore and China;
2) Collaboration and knowledge sharing with other elites;
3) Seek venture capital and potential collaboration with Government (Singapore and China).


To anticipate this project, entrepreneurial teams need to submit their business plans, their products or services description, newspaper or media report. Once audited and approved by SGCSSA, we will schedule a supporting plan together.

We are welcoming all the startup teams! You can find the Chinese version of this program here:

As a start, we are happy to introduce Groupcells: Group based mobile social-Commence platform, with main founders from Singapore and China. Currently, the application support Chinese and English on IOS and Android.
Their description can be found in: (
Want to find people for an event? Dating? Party? Dinner? Or just want to sell something in the easiest and most efficient way? Instantaneously use multiple Androids and iPhones to capture photos and upload them to a group album, based on either your location or interests. If you want to sell something in the photo, just click the "On sale" checkbox, and then feel the easiest and most efficient way to do commerce.
Currently Groupcells has attracted many attention including:


And won the prize in Singtel I-challenge 2011, Tianjin Hi-Tech Startup Competition.

If you are interested in collaboration with Groupcells in terms of marketing, techniques, and investment, please feel free to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will arrange the further communication time for you. You can also learn more about them through:

Entrepreneurship and Career Development of SGCSSA

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