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Preparing for the Graduate Student Afterlife a.k.a Career: How to Start Right?

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The Center for Development of Teaching & Learning in conjunction with the UTown Residence, Residential Life team warmly present to you the 2nd in a series of postgraduate talks:

Postgraduate Students Series (PGS)

Preparing for the Graduate Student Afterlife a.k.a Career: How to Start Right?

FACILITATORS: A/P Suresh Valiyaveettil, A/P Laksh Samavedham

DATE: 27 March 2013 (Wednesday)

TIME: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

VENUE: LT 52, Stephen Riady Centre, UTown

Who should attend?

All postgraduate students are welcome.

About the Session

Graduate education prepares students for a wide range of careers spanning industry, government, academia, research labs, policy think-tanks, media etc. While some students are very clear about their career goals even when they enter graduate school, the career goal evolves over the course of their study for other graduate students. Whatever be the case, it is important for graduate students to plan systematically and strategically to maximize their chances of landing up on the job of their choice and to do well in it. This session will highlight how students can prepare themselves in the months before graduation in aspects such as assessment of skills and developing a career strategy, CV preparation, preparing for and acing the interview, and the do’s/don’ts in the first year of the job.

About the Facilitators

A/P Suresh Valiyaveettil (Faculty of Science)

Suresh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry working on developing new materials and applications. He is interested in developing both academic and personal character of the students to help them excel in their career goals.

A/P Lakshminarayanan Samavedham (Faculty of Engineering)

Laksh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and also the Director for the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning, NUS. While he does theoretical/simulation type of work for his disciplinary research in the area of informatics and process control, he is an active experimentalist in education matters.

Light refreshments will be provided. Please note that this session is open to NUS students only.

Details of the workshop

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