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Career Psychological Talk

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Dear Fellow Postgrad,

Has any of the following career related questions crossed your mind?

1.      I’m currently doing a MSc/Ph.D in “xxxxx” but I am beginning to question if this is the field of work I wish to have for a career!!?

2.      My field of study has limited industrial opportunities, what other alternatives should I be looking out for when I graduate??

3.      I have not been the most outstanding student in terms of leadership or academic abilities, how else can I attain and exude the confidence required for success in this increasingly competitive environment??

4.      Should I take the plunge and pursue my dreams?!?!

The process of answering these questions can be really stressful and taxing on us. A wrong career move and it might mean that we forever end up in an uninspiring cubicle clocking uncountable OTs in the most detestable of jobs!

But in the first place, WHY do I have these problemsWHAT can I do to resolve my predicament?

More often than not, these problems arise because of a lack of understanding of ourselves. Therefore HELP YOURSELF TODAY and grab hold of this opportunity by signing up for this specially catered program, a first ever collaboration between GSS (Graduate Students Society) and CPS (NUS Counselling and Psychological Services), specially designed for our postgraduates to better understand their personality and make better choices for their careers.

Do not procrastinate, sacrifice 3 hours of your life in return for a lifetime of career satisfaction!  [CLICK HERE TO REGISTER]

Date: 8th April, 2013
Venue: Global learning room, UTown Plaza, NUS (map attached) Schedule is as follows:
2:00 - 2.30 - Registration and giving out the personality questionnaire. 
2:30- 2.45 - Opening address: Brief introduction by speaker on CPS, the consultants and their expertise.
2:45 - 3.30 - Talk (with individual hands-on activity/case studies).
3:35 - 3.55 - Tea break  [Tea & refreshments will be provided].
3:55 - 3.40 - Talk (with individual hands-on activity/case studies).
4:40 - 4.50 - Personality type identification activity and general analysis of results.
4:50 - 5.00 - Close of the talk, and Q&A with consultants from CPS.

Looking forward to see you there!


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