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Wanna know how it feels like to party and have a picnic at the same time, like the ROCK FESTIVALS in Europe?

Come down to SUPERNOVA! The BIGGEST outdoor concert NUS has ever seen at our new campus U-Town!

Bring along your picnic mats, or without and just get close to mother nature.

There will be food vendors selling from POP-CORN to COTTON CANDY, as well as *FREE BOOZE!!! Feel free to also bring along your own food and drinks to share with your friends. =)

Doors open at 6.30pm, performances starts at 7.30pm, AFTER PARTY till 11pm.

This concert is to provide a platform to showcase NUS talents and MOST importantly is to welcome & integrate Under Grads, Grads and our SEP students. =)

There will be loads of performances lined up, like...

NUS Chinese Dance
NUS Indian Dance
KR Rockers
Original Music Society
The Smoking Marshalls and many MORE

and not forgetting SynQ DJs to live up the AFTER PARTY people!


Don't forget there's gonna be *FREE BOOZE (if you skipped the first few paragraphs) and goodie bags ! =)

So whatcha waiting for? Spread the news!

See you guys there! Be well prepared to ROCK the HOUSE PEOPLE!!!!!

(*Free Booze and goodie bags - while stocks last)

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