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GSS Annual Recruitment Drive!

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Dear Fellow Postgrad,

Do you feel isolated in campus?Do you want to enhance the social skill and the leadership?Do you need to enrich the experience for better career path?
Join US!!!GSS Annual Recruitment Drive! What is GSS?The NUS Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) is the only student organization representing all graduate students at the National University of Singapore (NUS) for 25 years. Being a society with more than 10000 members, GSS is a flagship leaded by a core executive committee and to reach out to every graduate student in the university. Every year GSS organizes around 30 events with active participation of over 6000 graduate students. We have a highly visible presence in and around the campus through the wide range of activities of us. Through various high profile events, we have displayed our credibility both in and outside NUS.Why join?You will probably be a graduate student only once in your life, so achieve something meaningful during your stay! As a student body, GSS offers you a platform to initiate events and ideas, enhance your leadership qualities, enlarge the friendship circle and prepare for the career as well. The interest based positions and activities of GSS will intrigue your potential with mental and financial supports. As a GSS executive member, you will also receive several professional training opportunities. However, beside these benefits, a lot of FUN and excitement is guaranteed for you!Who can join?Any full time NUS Postgrad student who can commit for one year (September 2011 ~ August 2012) to organize and conduct events can apply. In addition, the post of projector manager is also open to part-time postgrad students and prospective post-graduated students who may likely to stay for less than one year.How to join?Round 1 – Online RegistrationPlease click HERE to fill the on line registration.Event orientationThe event orientation will offer you an opportunity to get familiar with GSS as project manager. During this phase, you will be a part of event management team and will organize GSS upcoming events. Experienced GSS members will mentor you to get the job done. Hence, at the end, you will get a better perspective of GSS; which will ultimately help you to choose the better position within the committee that fits your interest and career path. However, before the placement a short interview will be taken according to the following schedule.Time: July 23, 2011(Saturday), 2PM.Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House, Level 2, Sage RoomRound 2 – Online registrationIf are not registered, please click HERE to fill the on line registration.BBQ Team bonding (free)A pre AGM (Annual General Meeting) BBQ party will be arranged in order to facilitate the prospective Executive Members with an opportunity of mingling among themselves. GSS believe that such an informal gathering is very important to know each other and for networking as well, this gathering will also help the potential members in near future.Venue: West Cost Park On the basis of performance in these two rounds, candidates will be nominated for a suitable position and stand for election on the day of AGM. Nominees will make themselves known to each other during the ice-breaking session as well.
The AGM (Annual general meeting)The Senior directors, Directors, and Project Managers will be elected during the AGM via the open election system. The Senior Director Candidate needs to prepare a speech for about 5 minutes. All the NUS postgraduates have the right to vote in the election. The elected senior director has the right to decide the committee members and the selection will be done via interview on a later date.To know more about us, please visit structure of GSS exco committee open position is available HERE.

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