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Dear GSS Members,

Thank you for showing up and voting at the GSS Annual General Meeting last Saturday! The 30th Executive Committee is formed and check out for your representatives in the list below!

However, due to some unforeseen reasons, we still have two positions opened for applicants: Publication Secretary, Welfare Secretary. If you are interested in fulfilling one of the roles, please let us know by emailing your CV to our Vice-President Ms ZENG Qilin at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will be happy to arrange a casual chat with you to further explore your interests in these two positions! The role specifications are shown below.

Deadline for application: 23:59 pm, Tuesday, September 29, 2015.


30th NUS Graduate Students' Society Executive Committee


Lim Jue Ru Audrey


Zeng Qilin

General Secretary

Wang Siqi


Wang Yake

Director for Student Affairs

Zhang Nengduo

Director for Community Affairs

He Shuai

Assistant General Secretary

Ashwin Dhandhania

Publicity Secretary

Bonny Fu

Awareness Secretary

Gurleen Kaur

Business Manager

Jigyasa Sharma

Student Development Secretary

Sharon Lee Wei Ling

Sports and Recreation Secretary

Karthik Thothathri Chandrasekaran

Social Secretary

Venkataramani Vanchinathan

 Publication Secretary, Welfare Secretary: Position open for applicants.

Publications Secretary:

         - Design and print all printed material including annual Survival Guide, committee t-shirts. 

         - Prepare bi-monthly newsletter.

         - Specific skill required: good communication skills;

         - Proficiency in English speaking and writing;

         - Graphics design

Welfare Secretary: 

         - Organize Exam Welfare Goodie Bag giveaway twice a year 

         - Liaise with NUS Counseling and Psychological Services to organize stress-relief workshops 

         - Organize monthly team bonding sessions for Organizing Committee

         - Specific skill required: good communication skills; event planning and organizing



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