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GSS "Good Food & Nutrition Habits" Seminar

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Dear Graduate Friends,

Mid-terms have just finished and we know, the exam time has been stressful to you. Given the highly demanding nature of our studies, we tend to neglect proper nutrition and fail to practice healthy nutrition habits. It is also partly because we aren't aware of how to cope up with our studies and lab work along with maintaining a healthy diet. This has negative effects on our bodies and the effects range from affecting our internal metabolism to our external beauty!

But, Don't worry!

Gradaute Students' Society (GSS) brings up for you a seminar, "GOOD FOOD & NUTRITION HABITS", by a well-known expert in the field of human diet and nutrition. This seminar will give us an opportunity to learn some of the effective healthy food habits and how we can practice them along with the highly demanding and stressful graduate studies.

So, come and join us in learning the simple techniques of maintaining a healthy diet and keeping ourselves healthier!

In order for this seminar to be more fruitful, we would highly appreciate if you could help us understand your nutrition concerns. For this, please click on the link below and complete a short survey. This will help us in addressing all your issues during the limited time we have.;view=category&layout=blog&id=10&Itemid=104

Please note that we have also arranged for a healthy, sumptuous lunch for all the attendees!!!

Looking forward to see you there.

DATE: 22nd March 2016

TIME: 10 am till lunch

VENUE: YIH Training Room

Thanking you!!!!!







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