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Annual General Meeting (AGM)


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NUS Graduate Students’ Society was held in Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium, University Town of NUS on 9th September, 2012. The major attraction of the meeting was the election of 27th Executive Committee (Ex-Co). More than 100 postgraduate students from various faculties attended the meeting as either contestants or voters. The meeting was compered by the ever-energetic Mr Chinari Pawan Kumar Patro, the preceding vice president of GSS Ex-Co. Most members of the preceding 26th Ex-Co including the president, the very friendly, Mr Xing Zhao were present at the AGM and addressed the gathering. They shared their own experiences and wonderful moments in GSS to encourage the contestants.

Fourteen contestants aiming at nine senior director positions presented their election speech in which they spoke briefly about their aspirations and how they were suitable for the position. The audience and senior members of the committee also tested them with some tough questions. All the students who had registered online for the AGM got to vote for their favorite candidate. Online voting on Google docs was set up by the techno-easy committee members.

The results of the voting were declared after a refreshing tea break. The nine senior director positions were fairly elected. There was a close fight between two candidates for the position of Senior Director of Public relations committee. The audience had to vote twice to choose the winner. The Presidential cell had already been elected in the previous week by means of internal elections by senior GSS Ex-Co members. Thus, the 27th GSS Ex-Co has been formed and looks to be in a great shape to contribute towards graduate students’ welfare. Recruitment of aspiring candidates to the positions of director and project manager in various committees was conducted by the elected senior directors.

Newly elected president of NUS GSS, Mr Wang Hancheng delivered a speech full of ideas, ambitions and motivation for his newly formed committee. He was handed over the presidency by the preceding president Mr Xing Zhao by presenting him with the beautiful GSS memento. Finally, the new 27th GSS Ex-Co members shared their thoughts on being elected and thanked their supporters and the audience.

The AGM concluded with a delicious dinner and fun filled photography session.



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