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Farewell Message from GSS 26th executive committee

Dear Fellow Postgrad,

This is the farewell message from GSS 26th executive committee. The GSS AGM (Annual General Meeting) has been carried out very smoothly; Mr. WANG Hancheng from School of Computing has been elected as the president of the 27th NUS GSS Executive committee. Congratulations to him and his team! On behalf of the 26th NUS GSS Executive Committee, I would like to express my heartiest thanks to all of you for your strong support throughout the year! Your support all throughout the last year (AY2011-12) has been the driving force for us in order to serve you the best!

Time flies! One year has passed so quickly just like a blink of an eye! The past one year, has been a fruitful and joyful year which left a lot of memories. We have brought to you around 40 events throughout the year with numerous participants. It means there were more than 3 events, on average, conducted per month. Hopefully we have made your NUS experience vibrant and unique  for your graduate student life.

Through the feedback from the graduate survey conducted at the beginning of the academic year, we understood that career and social life were the top concerns among the graduate students. Therefore, we focused on these two areas and tried to build up GSS profile as well as the professional image. 

For the career part, we worked with NUS Career Centre to bring you the second dedicated career networking for graduate students. It was an event with great success which would be impossible without your support! Most importantly, it brought more job opportunities for our graduate students. The graduate student career networking is in the maturing phase. We still need your consistent support to foster its growth, improve its influence and bring more job opportunities back. Besides that, please try to participate in our various career talks, sharing and workshops. These events are helpful for you to prepare and get ready for the job market.

In terms of social activities, there were also many exciting events. Do you remember some? We have brought many social events, for the first time, to build more platforms for you to take a break and meet with new friends. The “Ph.D Movie Screening” has turned out to be very successful. Due to the overwhelming response, we had to double the capacity to cater the needs. Similarly, the movie festival (movie day) was open for you to enjoy the movie Man in Black 3 at Golden Village. We also carried out a Valentine’s Networking Party especially for those who were ready to mingle. Bowling day, food trips and commencement photography were the other new events we held last year. Besides, we maintained traditional GSS popular flag events such as the overseas/culture trips, city walking tours and welcome parties. Hope you have enjoyed the moments with us.

Internally, the improvement in the ways of management has never stopped. We practiced the new GSS structure. The way of our organization has been well appreciated by some overseas graduate student bodies (eg. Hong Kong University postgraduate student association). We have further improved the GSS website. With the ubiquitous of the internet, our online identity is as important as the brick and mortar existence. While Facebook has established itself as a popular place for discussions and connections, the website serves as a different representative identity. During this term, IT & Marketing Committee launched a brand new GSS website. The committee members have spent countless hours to revamp the website layout and transfer data to a new hosting provider which allows extra functions to be added. The result is an animated interface and unique webpage that fully represents our society’s dynamics and vibrancy. The homepage now includes a slide-show showcasing our flagship events and latest achievements. Information about our society is easier to access than ever. Visitors to the website can get instant updates on the activities, sign up for events, and know how to contact us. The helpful, all-purpose Survival Guide for new students prepared by GSS can be downloaded from the website anytime.

All these things would not have been possible or achieved without your support! We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the NUS senior management, OSA (Office of Student Affairs), OAR (Office of Alumni Relations) for their strong support and guidance throughout the year! We also would like to thank our partners for their support as well. Last but not least, I would like to thank the 26th NUS GSS Executive Committee  and volunteers for their countless efforts and inputs! They are the real heroes behind all our glories and achievements! Hats off to all of you!

Looking forward, I’m certain that the new leadership will continue to take GSS to even greater heights! Please continue to give your FULL support to the 27th NUS GSS Executive Committee!

Lastly, on behalf of 26th NUS GSS Executive Committee, I wish all the graduate students an exciting, fruitful and joyful academic year ahead!


ZHAO Xing (Mr.)


26th Executive Committee (2011-2012),

Graduate Students' Society (GSS)

National University of Singapore



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