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Company Visit to Brandtology

Dear Fellow mates,

If you are interested in social media,

if you considered yourself a professional in information technology,

if you are passionate about marketing positions,

or if you regard entrepreneurship as your ultimate career goal,

This is your very own opportunity!

Discover how a start-up company established in 2008 achieved its great success in the competitive online business world! You are also able to learn the daily operations of this social media pioneer and seek internship opportunities, which will definitely help shape your career path in the future.

Social media nowadays has become the most trendy and competitive marketing platform for companies from numerous kinds of industries. In this ever-changing world, how to determine the needs of customers undoubtedly plays important roles in making strategic decisions and setting business goals, which social media research would help in many ways. Brandtology is a great intermediate to link the company's management with the valuable opinions of customers from various social media platforms by gleaning and analyzing the relevant data.





70 Bendemeer Rd #04-02, Luzerne, Singapore 339940

Round-trip transportation will be provided!


9th Oct 2012 (Tuesday) 3:00-5:00pm

Online Registration:

Check here for Undergrad Registration

Check here for Postgrad Registration

Spaces are limited!

For any enquiry, please contact:

Yu Dian

HP: (65) 8335 9289

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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