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GSS Annual General Meeting

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Dear fellow postgraduates,A year has gone by since we took office this time last year. During this time, we have striven to the best of our abilities to create a socially vibrant postgraduate community where everyone can have a pleasant and satisfying experience. We hope we have brought you closer together, created some memorable experiences and...

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Wanna know how it feels like to party and have a picnic at the same time, like the ROCK FESTIVALS in Europe?

Come down to SUPERNOVA! The BIGGEST outdoor concert NUS has ever seen at our new campus U-Town!

Bring along your picnic mats, or without and just get close to mother nature.

There will be food vendors selling from POP-CORN to COTTON CANDY,


GSS Annual Recruitment Drive!

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Dear Fellow Postgrad,

Do you feel isolated in campus?Do you want to enhance the social skill and the leadership?Do you need to enrich the experience for better career path?
Join US!!!GSS Annual Recruitment Drive! What is GSS?The NUS Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) is the only student organization representing all graduate students at the National University of Singapore (NUS) f...

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Food prices rise in NUS!

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Dear Fellow Grads,
If you have realized, the food prices have hiked in almost all the canteens inside NUS starting with the new Stalls and I guess by the new semester it will rise uniformly in all the stalls.
Some new stalls have also come up or have been replaced e.g. Western stall in Technoedge and Frontier, Muslim and Japanese stalls in...

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Graduate Survival Contest 2011

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Dear Fellow postgrads,

Graduate Survival Guide is set to be released in a few months time. So it’s time to grab your writing quills and start filling your parchments.

Essays, cartoons, poems, photos, formula, paintings, codes, blueprints, questionnaires, board games…basically anything that you can squeeze onto an A4 sheet on any subject relevant to g


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